The Literary Cat - image by Reva
The Literary Cat – image by Reva

I know that
Some of you have
Cleaned the stove, tidied your closets, painted your bathroom, emptied your cupboards
Washed the floors, cleansed your cushions, vacuumed your cars
Written three novels, painted five pictures
And accomplished countless other achievements.

I have
Talked on the phone
Watched Netflix
Read ten novels
And have been in shock.
This author of ‘Bounce Back’, Creating Resilience from Adversity
Has not felt resilient, has not felt new energy, has not felt creative.

I do rejoice
That Nature said, “Enough”
Too many pollutants, too many emissions
Too much waste

And has started to stitch up the ozone layer
Put fish back in the waters
Allowed bees to flourish
And has set us straight

In spite of ourselves.

This post originally appeared on Festival of the Arts, edited by Kim Aubrey and Felicity Sidnell Reid.

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