Welcome to Spirit of the Hills

Comprised of artists, artisans, performing artists, photographers, writers and patrons, Spirit of the Hills embraces all art forms and traditions including the performing and visual arts, media, design, and literature. Our goal is to build and sustain the Arts and Artists in Northumberland County. This web site highlights current and upcoming group and member events and showcases some of our members’ works.

Spirit of the Hills’ Festival of the Arts

The Festival of the Arts for 2017 celebrated Canada and Northumberland County with a theatre production, Hill Spirits III book launch and concert, workshops, panel discussion, writing and photography competitions, book fair, art show and sale with ‘the great portrait challenge’. It was a wonderful success and the festival committee is grateful to all who participated and attended.

Alan Bland
Alan Langford
Alec Davis
Ann Harper
Anne-Marie Burrus
Barbara Bickell
Barbara Buntin
Barbara King
Beth Rhind
Bill Daniels
Brian Rapsey
Bruce Banfield
Bruce Curtis
Cavan Art Gallery & Studio
Christopher Cameron
Colborne Art Gallery
Cynthia Reyes
Dave Dolan
David Newland
Derek Paul
Don Sellar

Doug Johnson
Edward Hagedorn
Emily Dempster
Elizabeth Vercoe
Ellen Meadd
Erika Rummel
Esther Fine
Evelyn Van Hoekelen
Fleming College
Geoffrey Lessard
Georgina Schaeff
Gerry Malloy
Glenda Johnson
Heather Jopling
Isabel Veldhuis
Jan Atkinson
Janet Stobie
Janet Warren
Janis Eves
Janice Gannon
Jeanette Campbell
Jennifer Bogart
Jessica Outram

Katie Hoogendam
Kaye Jackson
Ken Solilo
Kim Aubrey
Kim Grove
Kimberly Klement
Kurt Lynn
Laura Berman
Linda McClelland
Linda Greenwood
Lisa Jeanne Strong
Lisa White
Lynda Matthews
Lynn Bilton
Maggie Harper
Margaret Money
Marie Perks
Marie-Lynn Hammond
Mary McBride
Matthew King
Maureen Mullally
Nancy L Moore
Olga Nienhuys

Pamela Brown
Paul Mason
Peter Moore
Reva Nelson
Ruth Shaw
Sara Brown Crowder
Sharon Nichols
Sharon Ramsay Curtis
Sheila Rooney
Sherry Turner
SPARK Photo Festival
Steafan Hannigan
Stephen Gillberry
Stuart Morley
Sue Wilkins
Susan McDonald
Sylvie Flynn
Tena Smits
Tom Leighton
Tom Pickering
Viviana Galleno
Wallace Keeler
Wayne F Moore