Welcome to Spirit of the Hills

Comprised of artists, artisans, performing artists, photographers, writers and patrons, Spirit of the Hills embraces all art forms and traditions including the performing and visual arts, media, design, and literature. Our goal is to build and sustain the Arts and Artists in Northumberland County. This web site highlights current and upcoming group and member events and showcases some of our members’ works.

Additional Members

The following members do not currently have a member profile page like the members above, however they all support the arts in Northumberland County through their membership in Spirit of the Hills:

Alan Bland
Alan Langford
Anthony Woods
Barbara Buntin
Barbara Winfield
Barbel Smith
Beth Rhind
Brad MacIntyre
Brian Rapsey
Brian Shea
Bruce Banfield
Carey Campbell-Dinkel
Carol Saucier
Cheryl Gibson
Christopher Black
Colleen Johnston
Cynthia Reyes
Darlene Claus
Darryl Stutt
Dave Dolan
Deb Weyrich-Cody

Denise Denley
Don McKay
Don Sellar
Doris Scott
Edward Hagedorn
Elayne Dempster
Emily Dempster
Elizabeth Kiser
Ellen Curry
Erica Rummel
Evelyn Van Hoeklen
Georgina Schaeff
Gerry Malloy
Glenda Johnson
Grace Barker
Isabel Veldhuis
Janet French
Janis Eves
Jeanette Sanderson
Jennifer Bogart
Jennifer Trefiak

Jenny Cheng-Burke
Jessica Outram
Jo Darnell
Julie MacDonald
Katherine Davidson
Katie Hoogendam
Kim Aubrey
Kim Grove
Laura Berman
Leigh Thompson
Linda McClelland
Linda Greenwood
Louise Leclair-Aronson
Maggie Money
Marcia Perryman
Marianne Marusic
Marie Perks
Marie Prins
Mark Richardson
Marie-Lynn Hammond
Mary McBride

Maureen Mullally
Maureen O’Grady
Michele Whitney
Olga Nienhuys
Olga Young
Robert Bryans
Rosemary Davis
Rosanne Dolan
Sara Brown Crowder
Sharon Nichols
Shari Kirsh
Sheila Rooney
Sherry Turner
SPARK Photo Festival
Stuart Morely
Sue Wilkins
Susan Groot
Suzanne Towns
Valerie Kent
Wendy Sheppard