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A sample of our members’ creativity. New images posted regularly.

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Events & Workshops

Upcoming events and workshops our members are participating in

July 20, 2024 – Books, Basil and Broccoli – SOTH at the Cobourg Farmers Market

Cobourg Farmers Market
Food for the body and the mind.

SOTH writers will be displaying and selling their books at the Cobourg Farmers Market on July 20, 2024.

It’s a wonderful market and people come from far and wide. It features certified organic produce, crafts, flowers, plants, cheese, farm fresh meats, breads, pastries, and other delectables.

And now books, written by the best authors in the County.

Visit the market between 8AM – 1PM, located in the parking lot south of Victoria Hall.

Please drop by. We’d love to say hello and show you some amazing literature for both adults and children.

Sept 13 - 22, 2024 - Northumberland Festival of the Arts

NFOTA celebrates the creative spirit of Northumberland. As a not-for-profit arts organization, NFOTA brings together actors and artisans, painters and photographers, musicians, singers, writers and poets in a grand collaborative showcase in September.

Click here to see the complete lineup of events and purchase tickets.

Public Exhibitions

Current public displays of our members work

Jul 2 to Jul 31 - “Life in Motion” by contemporary photographer Sandy Randle

Figure 1 Blue Morning at Presquile by Sandra Randle

Sandy has 11 of her unique “ICM” photographs on display and for sale at the “K Okay Café & Roasters” in Warkworth from July 3–31.

K Okay Café & Roasters is at 16 Main Street in the village of Warkworth.

To see more of Sandy’s work, click here

Jun 18 to Aug 26 - Nature's Gifts by Heather Tyson at Capers

Natures's Gifts by Heather Tyson at Capers

Visit Heather’s Spirit Profile Page

Pictures from the exhibit

Photos by Brian Tyson

Capers Tap House
28 Bridge Street West
Campbellford, Ontario K0L 1L0

Jun 13 to Sep 15 - Eileen Meyers & Helen van Poorten at C'ford Public Library

May 22 to Nov 20 - Northumberland Hills Hospital Show

Location: Cobourg

The Northumberland Hills Hospital graciously offers free exhibit space to Spirit of the Hills painters and photographers.

The exhibit is bi-annual. Participating painters and photographers may refresh their work more frequently, e.g. every 8 weeks or so during the 6 month long exhibit.

The hospital provides a hanging system for our use. However, the system does limit the number of works on display to a maximum of 14. It is not possible to stack works one above the other.

Accordingly size of participating art work will be taken into account during the selection process. The minimum size for a framed work is 21 inches in width. A maximum of 2 submissions are accepted.

In other words, the venue lends itself of large pieces of work.

To date, sales have occurred during each exhibit. Note that 10% of the sales commission goes to the hospital; and 15% to SOTH. There is no cost to the artist for participating in this exhibit.

Pictures from the exhibit
Photos by Jenni Burke

Mar 23 to Sep 28 - Spirit of the Hills Art Show and Sale at Warkworth Library

Spirit of the Hills has a new art show in Warkworth at the library. The show will run March 23, 2024 – September 28, 2023. The show is open during library hours: Tue 10-4:30, Wed 2-6:30, Fri 1-4 and Sat 10-1. Exhibit photos by Rosanne Dolan.

All artworks are for sale. For an immediate purchase please send payment by Interac to treasurer@spiritofthehills.org or contact the artist at your leisure.


1. Castle Rostrevor, Ireland, $300 – Phyliss Wright, phylissbh@gmail.com

2. Flight of the Bumblebee, photograph, $500 – William Garnier, bill_garnier@comcast.net

3. Water Slide, photograph, $125 – Isabel Velduis, isavelduis@gmail.com

4. Incognito, photo-illustration, $600 – William Garnier, bill_garnier@comcast.net

5. Port Hope Opera Stairs, photograph, $250 – Ted Amsden, tedamsdeninfo@icloud.com

6. Black Chokeberry, watercolour, $150 – Kat Kinch, mkatkinch@gmail.com

7. Whirling Butterflies in the Jetstream, watercolour, $150 – Kinch, mkatkinch@gmail.com

8. Windswept, photograph, $250 – Georgina, 705-924-3315

9. Iris, acrylic on canvas, $125 – Linda McClelland, mcpinkster@gmail.com

10. Sunflowers, acrylic on canvas ,$385 – Wendy Capp, wcapp78@gmail.com

11. Poppies, acrylic on canvas, $75 Linda McClelland, mcpinkster@gmail.com

12. Woodland Reflections, oil on wood, $700 – Barb McGuey, bmcguey@sympatico.ca

13. French Bark, acrylic, $350 – Margaret MacDonald, mrsmmcd3@gmail.com

14. Almost Parallel, acrylic, $350 – Margaret MacDonald, mrsmmcd3@gmail.com

15. Looking Back, acrylic, $320 – Judy Hopkins, 905-373-0275

16. Water Landscape, acrylic, $240. Pat Annaert, patt12319@gmail.com

17. Reflection, acrylic, $450 – Georgina, 705-924-3315

18. Schooner, Glouster Massachusetts, acrylic, $200, – Phyliss Wright, phylissbh@gmail.com

19. Port Hope Bridge, photograph, $250 – Ted Amsden, tedamsdeninfo@icloud.com

20. Wind Day, acrylic, $185, Pat Annaert, patt12319@gmail.com

21. Coneflower, acrylic on canvas, $225 – Linda McClelland, mcpinkster@gmail.com

22. Breaking Waters, acrylic on canvas, $250, Wendy Capp, wcapp78@gmail.com

23. Springtime Song, scratch board, $750, Barb McGuey, bmcguey@sympatico.ca

24. Spanish Moss, photo on canvas, LE 7/50 $345– Ken Solilo, kensolilo@gmail.com

25. Friends, photograph, $125 – Isabel Velduis, isavelduis@gmail.com

Calls for Artists

Calls for our members to participate in

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In The Spotlight

Highlighting member accomplishments and creativity

Jun 21, 2024 - Donna Wootton’s new novel 'The Age of Privilege'

The Age of Privilege by Donna Wootton

The launch of Donna Wootton’s new novel The Age of Privilege drew a full house at the Citizen’s Forum Room at Victoria Hall on June 18.

Set during the last decades at the end of the twentieth century, a time when post-war baby boomers flourished, the story centers around Dawn Wright, a woman who is free to take advantage of all that period has to offer: education, liberation, prosperity.

Her talk lasted a half hour and included a ‘show and tell’ of what inspired her to write the book and what extensive research she did on the latter decades of the twentieth century.

The Age of Privilege is available at Furby House Books and Let’s Talk Books in Cobourg.

Visit Donna Wootton profile page

Jun 8, 2024 - Parrott Gallery Juried Show Winners

Parrott Gallery Juried Show Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Spirit of the Hills Annual Juried Show at the Parrott Gallery in Belleville. We were happy to receive 89 entries this year, and 62 were chosen for the exhibition. Of these we had 5 winners:

BEST OTHER MEDIA: “Carrasco IV – Balancing Act” by Jeffrey Weekes
BEST PAINTING: “The Cove” by Mandy Bing
BEST PHOTOGRAPH: “Verona” by Bill Garnier
BEST IN SHOW: “The Workbench” by Jeffrey Weekes
PEOPLES’ CHOICE: “Owl” by Dania Madera-Lerman

OWL by Dania Madera-Lerman - People's Choice Award

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Composed of more than 140 artists, artisans, performing artists, photographers, writers, and patrons, Spirit of the Hills embraces all art forms and traditions including the performing and visual arts, media, design, and literature. Our goal is to build and sustain the Arts and Artists in Northumberland County. This web site highlights current and upcoming group and member events and showcases some of our members’ works.