Spirit of the Hills Events

Northumberland Hills Hospital Exhibit – September 15 2021 to March 16 2022

Location: Cobourg

Hanging the Show - September 2021The Northumberland Hills Hospital graciously offers free exhibit space to Spirit of the Hills painters and photographers. The current show begins our 5th year at the hospital and runs until March 16 2022.

The exhibit is bi-annual. Participating painters and photographers may refresh their work more frequently, e.g. every 8 weeks or so during the 6 month long exhibit.

The hospital provides a hanging system for our use. However, the system does limit the number of works on display to a maximum of 14. It is not possible to stack works one above the other.

Accordingly size of participating art work will be taken into account during the selection process. The minimum size for a framed work is 21 inches in width. A maximum of 2 submissions are accepted.

In other words, the venue lends itself of large pieces of work.

To date, sales have occurred during each exhibit. Note that 10% of the sales commission goes to the hospital; and 15% to SOTH. There is no cost to the artist for participating in this exhibit.


Pictures from the exhibit

Photos by Judy Hopkins


Campbellford & Beyond

A Show & Sale of paintings by Linda Heidt
from September 13 to November 14, 2021 at Capers Restaurant, 28 Bridge Street West,  Campbellford, Ontario K0L 1L0 705•653•5262

Campbellford and Beyond by Linda Heidt

Artist’s statement:
“I love the water and the sky, the peacefulness of a sunrise in the morning, a sunset in the evening. I’m certainly not a
‘realist artist’, but try to capture my interpretation of that moment in time that made me smile, cry, celebrate or just stand back in awe at the beauty and wonder of the artistry of God in creation.”

Linda Heidt

Pictures from the exhibit

Photos by Brian Tyson

Spirit of the Hills Art Show and Sale at Warkworth Library

March 20 to September 18, 2021

Spirit of the Hills has a new art show in Warkworth at the library. The show will run until September 28th. The show is open during library hours: Tue 10-4:30, Wed 2-6:30, Fri 1-5 and Sat 10-1. Exhibit photos by Patrick Muldoon.

All artworks are for sale.
1. Festive Star, collage, $125 – Victoria Terry, vterry@sympatico.ca
2. A Long Road Home, photograph, $235 – Isabel Veldhuis, isaveldhuis@gmail.com
3. Spring Has Sprung, acrylic, $150 – Victoria Terry, vterry@sympatico.ca
4. Linda McClelland, mcpinkster@gmail.com
5. Cooper’s Hawk Study, graphite drawing, $750 – Barbara McGuey, bmcguey@sympatico.ca
6. Peregrine Falcon, watercolour, $280 – Joanne McMaster, joannemcmaster@gmail.com
7. Blue Jay Study, graphite drawing, $750 – Barbara McGuey, bmcguey@sympatico.ca
8. Sunrise/Sunset, acrylic on canvas, $50 – Catherine Joyce, kehcs@sympatico.ca
9. Pink Sky in Flight, acrylic pour on canvas, $50 – Catherine Joyce, kehcs@sympatico.ca
10. Still Standing (diptych) acrylic, $550 – Linda McClelland, mcpinkster@gmail.com
11. Lonely Tree, giclee photo print, $100 – Ian Davis, ian@iandavisphotography.ca
12. Flight, acrylic, $150 – Sheila Wright, shwright45@hotmail.com
13. Upper Mazinaw, watercolour, $280 – Joanne McMaster, joannemcmaster@gmail.com
14. Amherst II, acrylic, $450 – Linda McClelland, mcpinkster@gmail.com
15. Pool Ice, acrylic, $180 – Victoria Terry, vterry@sympatico.ca
16. Rainbow Sonnet, graphic print, $200 – Wally Keeler, poetician@gmail.com
17. Rush Hour, Impressionist photo, $100 – Carol-Anne Bell-Smith, carolannebellsmith@gmail.com
18. Linda McClelland, mcpinkster@gmail.com
19. Poetry in the Nick of Rhyme, photograph and text, $200 – Wally Keeler, poetician@gmail.com
20. City Street, Impressionist photo, $100 – Carol-Anne Bell-Smith, carolannebellsmith@gmail.com
21. Orientation, acrylic, $160 – Sheila Wright, shwright45@hotmail.com
22. The Old Drive Shed, watercolour, $150 – Isabel Veldhuis, isaveldhuis@gmail.com
24.Thinking of You, giclee photo print, $100 – Ian Davis, ian@iandavisphotography.ca
25. Blast, acrylic, $175 – Victoria Terry, vterry@sympatico.ca