Spirit of the Hills Events

Walking Through Nature’s Beauty
An Art Show & Sale of Paintings by Evelyn Van Hoekelen

January 27 to April 26, 2020
Capers Restaurant – 705-653-5262
28 Bridge Street West, Campbellford, Ontario K0L 1L0

Evelyn Van Hoekelen

Home Gallery Hours 1pm to 4pm
Monday • Wednesday • Friday
42 Gravel Road
Warkworth, ON K0K 3K0


Pictures from the Exhibition

Photos by Brian Tyson

Annaert & Menzies – Works in Acrylic and Mixed Media

Campbellford Branch Library, January 6, to May 4, 2020
98 Bridge Street East, Campbellford





Michael Brennand-Wood Workshop

Grounds for Expression – Bespoke Surfaces for Textiles


Michael Brennand-Wood Workshop
Monday April 20, 2020 to Friday April 24, 2020
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
440 King Street East, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Are you an established or an emerging artist? Do you have interdisciplinary interests? Are you ready to push your creative boundaries? To gain new perspectives? To expand your use of textiles and other materials? If so, please join us in this unique Workshop.

Michael Brennand-Wood is a visual artist, curator, lecturer, and arts consultant with an established, exceptional international reputation. For a number of years Michael has taught at Maiwa School of Textiles in Vancouver, where his courses are enormously popular. More information on Michael’s background and work can be found on his website www.brennand-wood.com.

Northumberland Hills Hospital Exhibit – November 2019 to May 2020

Location: Cobourg

The Northumberland Hills Hospital graciously offers free exhibit space to Spirit of the Hills painters and photographers. The current show begins our 5th year at the hospital and runs until May 27, 2020

The exhibit is bi-annual. Participating painters and photographers may refresh their work more frequently, e.g. every 8 weeks or so during the 6 month long exhibit.

The hospital provides a hanging system for our use. However, the system does limit the number of works on display to a maximum of 14. It is not possible to stack works one above the other.

Accordingly size of participating art work will be taken into account during the selection process. The minimum size for a framed work is 21 inches in width. A maximum of 2 submissions are accepted.

In other words, the venue lends itself of large pieces of work.

To date, sales have occurred during each exhibit. Note that 10% of the sales commission goes to the hospital; and 15% to SOTH. There is no cost to the artist for participating in this exhibit.

Pictures from the exhibit

Photos by Judy Hopkins



Spirit of the Hills Art Show and Sale at Warkworth Library

September 28, 2019 to March 30, 2020 

Spirit of the Hills has a new art show in Warkworth at the library. The show will run until March 28th. The show is open during library hours: Tue 10-5, Wed 2-7, Fri 1-6 and Sat 10-1. All of the art work is for sale. Exhibit photos by Mary Weilandt.

All artworks are for sale.

1. Poppies in the Field, oil on canvas, $400 – Elizabeth Hlapcic (ehlapcic@cogeco.ca)
2. The Red Shed, acrylic on canvas, $150 – Isabel Veldhuis (isaveldhuis@gmail.com)
3. Barn #1, acrylic on canvas, $100 – Diane Arsenault (dearsenault@gmail.com)
4. Lonely Tree, giclee photo print $100 – Ian Davis (ian@iandavisphotography.ca)
5. Barn #2, acrylic on canvas, $100 – Diane Arsenault (dearsenault@gmail.com)
6. After the Rain, acrylic, resin on canvas, $350 – Geoffery Lessard (geoless@hotmail.com)
7. What Remains, acrylic on canvas, $225 – Rosanne Dolan (Cell 750-740-4788)
8. Giant Swallowtail 2, photograph, $150 – Matthew King (mail.matthew.king@gmail.com)
9. Giant Swallowtail with Zinnia 1, photograph $150 – Matthew King (mail.matthew.king@gmail.com)
10. Sable Island Pals, photo on canvas, $175 – Isabel Veldhuis (isaveldhuis@gmail.com)
11. Bouquet of Poppies, oil on canvas, $300 – Elizabeth Hlapcic (ehlapcic@cogeco.ca)
12. Domestic Options, acrylic on canvas, $155 – Rosanne Dolan (Cell 750-740-4788)
13. Lost Marbles, acrylic, resin on board, $350 – Geoffery Lessard (geoless@hotmail.com)
14. Silver Lining, oil on canvas, $450 – Barbara McGuey (bmcguey@sympatico.ca)
15. Autumn Advice, acrylic on canvas, $125 – Beth Rhind (905-375-5145)
16. Deconstructed Northern Lights, acrylic, resin on wood, $295 – Vera Litynsky (vlitynsky@gmail.com)
17. Hydrangea, acrylic, graphite, crayon, $275 – Linda McClelland (mcpinkster@gmail.com)
18. By the Lake, watercolour, $100 – Catherine Joyce (kehcs@sympatico.ca)
19. Planetary Wave, acrylic on canvas, $95 – Sheila Wright (shwright45@hotmail.com)
20. Winter Fence Posts, watercolour, $100 – Catherine Joyce (kehcs@sympatico.ca)
21. Stand in Fall, acrylic, birch bark on canvas, $275 – Vera Litynsky (vlitynsky@gmail.com)
22. Thinking of You, giclee photo print $100 – Ian Davis (ian@iandavisphotography.ca)
23. Gages Creek, photo on canvas, $600 – Ken Solilo (kensolilo@gmail.com)
24. City Street, Impressionist photo, $100 – Carol-Anne Bell-Smith (carolannebellsmith@gmail.com)
25. Rush Hour, Impressionist photo, $100 – Carol-Anne Bell-Smith (carolannebellsmith@gmail.com)