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Great Reads from our writers – available at bookstores and online.

With the keen observations of both artist and actor, Rodney Robert Brown explores intensely in-depth characters.

Powerless to be Born by Rodney Robert Brown

A clash of cultures. Struggle for a family’s survival. The decadence of a nation. A literary tale of love and hate.

Art imitates life for Susan Statham. Though none of her art instructors were ever murdered, one did mysteriously disappear.

Join Maud Gibbons as she searches for a killer by deciphering clues from the victims paintings.

Marie Prins is a remedial reading tutor who writes children’s books, memoir, and poetry.

An award winning story of two timeless tales of friendship and family, unfolding in one house, a century apart.

Antony Di Nardo is as close as you’ll get to reading a surrealist/absurdist/imagist poet.

An interplay between a disintegrating natural world and the human observer, a relationship characterized by both beauty and terror.

Author of 9 novels for young readers, Peggy Dymond Leavey has written 3 biographies of famous Canada women.

Suspected of spying for the British, Molly Brant and her children are forced to flee for their lives during the American Revolution.

Donna Wootton writes poetry, fiction and nonfiction.

A picaresque tale that follows the antics of a woman who has a different bucket list from her contemporaries.

Linda Hutsell Manning tackled her first teaching job convinced it would be her only career. She was wrong.

A one-room school house in the 1960’s – long hours, unexpected duties and stellar memories.

René Schmidt has amazing back-story additional facts and can Zoom or Skype your readers

The pain and the glory – an exciting series about Canadian disasters.

Christopher Black is a Passing Stranger, an observer trying to understand life.

Poetry in a variety of themes and styles – romantic, political, whimsical, and social commentary.

Reva Nelson has shared her knowledge with keynote speeches across North America.

Ten steps to create resiliency from adversity – through humour, creativity and coping techniques.

Felicity Sidnell Reid writes poetry, fiction and nonfiction. She also produces and hosts Word on the Hills.

A compelling, at times harrowing, adventure story that will be enjoyed by readers of any age.

Ronald Mackay’s entire life has been one adventure after another on five continents.

Working his way by sea to Argentina, 18-year-old Ronald is stranded penniless on the Island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Investigative experience, his English childhood, and researching WW2 provided the backdrop for Michael Croucher’s wartime mystery Bravo’s Veil.

Behind government secrecy and family history is the truth to a brother’s disappearance.

Erika Rummel received a lifetime award from the Renaissance Society of America.

Leonora d’Este enters an arranged marriage with a murderer. Is he may be mad, or ill, or bewitched.

Carolyn Helfenstein found her identity at age 75, when she wrote Rock Solid.

Friendship abounds when the Martins rescue the Penneys. Second and third generation prove they are Rock Solid.

Shane Joseph literally rose from the dead to release this novel that had been marinading for ten years.

Intrigue in a small Ontario town embroiled in greed, prejudice and secrets, and unable to accommodate the Other.

Hill Spirit Anthologies by Spirit of the Hills Writers

Short stories, poetry, memoir, non-fiction, drawings, paintings and photographs. Hill Spirits anthologies have something for everyone.