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Norma Keith Cover Photo

“I just wanted to let you know that monthly I submit photos to Our Canada magazine online theme photo contest. I have been featured in the magazine a few times but the editor informed me my photograph submitted last year was selected for the cover of the magazine December/January 2021 issue. It’s available wherever magazines are sold across Canada. Of course I was thrilled to bits.” – Norma Keith

A Heartfelt Thanks – Fundraising Campaign

By Charles Funnell – Artist
(Submitted by Rosanne Dolan)

Charles Funnell with tshirt

I am so excited that after quite a period of preparation, anticipation and hard work, we are launching this fundraising campaign with the blessings of the Northumberland Hills Hospital and the Northumberland Fair Share Food Bank.

Throughout this last month and a half I kept wondering how I could do something directly to help in this new world we all face. Being an artist, I started to think and research health related symbols. I wanted to create a clean graphic image that could illustrate the struggle we face. At the same time, I wanted to create a sense of drama, movement and gravitas. The heart symbol suggested by my studio mate Kyle Stewart works to convey both a medical and emotional response. The heartbeat or pulse is accentuated at the beginning by the varied line quality giving it a life force, strength, and vitality, while the arrow symbolizes our fortitude; our courage to soldier on. It pierces the Covid19 virus in the same way that our ingenuity and strategic defences tackle this crisis. Together we will overcome! The symbol, and the surrounding words, describe the strength, courage and dedication of our Doctors, nurses and front line personnel as they fight to protect our lives and the lives of all those affected by Covid-19.

All profits from this campaign will go directly to the Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation and the Northumberland Fare Share Food Bank

The T-Shirts are $25. Sizes from S – XXXL( please add XXL + $2.. XXXL +$3.)
Limited Edition copper embossed CARDS are $12.

Shipping included – We will porch deliver to those in the Northumberland area.
For shipping to the US add $5. ( per T-Shirt) + $2.(per card)

GIVE a T-Shirt or a card to a loved one who is on the front line. It is a beautiful way to say “A Heartfelt Thanks” or to say I am thinking about you.

WEAR a T-Shirt proudly in recognition and acknowledgement of all those surrounding us who have put themselves in harm’s way.

WEAR it in support of all those who make it possible for the rest of us to stay home!

TAKE a picture or selfie and post it on our wall – let’s make a huge splash!!!

BUY on our Facebook page at A Heartfelt Thanks the Buy now button brings you to our website A Heartfelt Thanks or contact us at

Spread the word, share this with your friends, we can do great things if we all give “A Heartfelt Thanks”

I am personally so thankful to Footprint Studios and Kyle Stewart for their continual stalwart support! This has given me the freedom to grow so much.

A huge thanks to Mary Gillis for her social media expertise and generosity!

To Jim and Anne Abbott for their support and assistance!

– Charles Funnell

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