Reva Nelson

Writer. Facilitator. Personal Coach


Reva Nelson is the author of Risk It! How to Overcome Fear and Make Smart Changes, Bounce Back! Creating Resilience from Adversity and Hippie Chick Abroad, a romping memoir of backpacking through Europe during the last year of the sixties. She writes poetry, leads workshops and coaches individuals in presentation skills and memoir-writing. She also helps clients write and deliver eulogies (Not to be morbid; just the facts delivered with heart.)

Reva is a graduate of Western University and has been a professional actress, conference planner, teacher-librarian, student services counsellor, an ESL teacher, and for 20 years an international keynote speaker and seminar leader for government agencies and corporations such as IBM and CIBC Mellon. (She was restless, not fired.)

She now enjoys living in Cobourg and volunteering at the Art Gallery of Northumberland and two boards, as well being a columnist for the Northumberland News. Reva’s vision now is to help individuals and groups move from intention to action.