Rodney Robert Brown

  • The Music Diploma by Rodney Robert Brown 16x20

Rodney Robert BrownAs a traditional realist artist, Rodney Robert Brown creates landscapes, still lives, and figurative work in oil, pen and ink, and various dry media. In his landscapes, he explores his deep feeling for the sanctity of nature, often including some context of human presence existing harmoniously within it.

In addition to portraits, his figurative compositions explore the drama within individuals and the connections between their relationships. These works range from people enjoying the pleasantries of life to tense social issues, sometimes within certain historical contexts.

As a writer, Mr. Brown has recently published his first novel, Powerless to be Born, which offers insights into the worlds of the artist and the actor. As an actor himself, he belongs to several performers’ unions in the United States and Canada and has worked in approximately 140 productions, as well as being a teacher and acting coach.

Rodney believes that all of the arts are connected and he utilizes his knowledge and experience in each to enhance his work in the others.

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