Donna Wootton

Donna Wootton attended the Humber College School for Writers. She is a retired teacher and lives in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.

Celebrating Canada’s 150 at The Waterfront Festival in Cobourg

Leaving Paradise Blog

Donna is available to visit book clubs and writers’ events to discuss her latest novel, Isadora’s Dance. Her recent visits to local book clubs were dynamic with plenty of interest in the main character as well as the historical references, travel and research.



The Age Of Privilege

This is Donna’s fifth book, the first with AOS Publishing. Set during the last decades at the end of the twentieth century, a time when post-war baby boomers flourished, the story centers around Dawn Wright, a woman who is free to take advantage of all that period has to offer: education, liberation, prosperity. She can leave her small-town life behind. Enter Paul Lewis who captures her heart. While marriage to him brings happiness and everlasting love, she’s determined to build more for herself, for their family, and for the changing world.

The Age Of Privilege by Donna Wootton.
The Age Of Privilege
is available through AOS Publishing
ISBN 1990496423, 9781990496424

Isadora’s Dance

Isadora Duncan, a Canadian millennial, is in Oxford to research Lucia Joyce for her PhD. Her advisor, the enigmatic Antonia Galsworthy is a former student of her father. Isadora meets the talented photographer and sexually ambivalent Lewis Dodgson, thus awakening a passion for romance in a foreign land while her research leads her to take expressive dance, Lucia’s obsession and nemesis. When Isadora is invited to the Galsworthy villa in Vignola, she falls in love with the handsome and entitled Rufus. Will their love prevail while family secrets, hidden for a generation across the ocean, come tumbling out?

Isadora's Dance by Donna WoottonIsadora’s Dance is available through Blue Denim Press
ISBN 978-1-927882-64-1

What Shirley Missed

What Shirley Missed will be published this fall by Hidden Brook Press. It is a picaresque novel and a cautionary tale. The main character, Shirley Palmer, has a different bucket list than most of her contemporaries. Fulfilling her list leads her on adventures that are often just shy of criminal behaviour.

Moon Remembered

Donna Wootton, eldest daughter of ‘Moon’, wrote this book about her father. It is available through The Ginger Press in Owen Sound: In the Prologue Donna writes, “The story caught my imagination not simply because it was sensational, but also because it was well told, full of supporting detail and, more importantly, full of the love of life.

Leaving Paradise

Leaving Paradise is Donna Wootton’s first book.