Kat Kinch

I came to watercolour painting the long way, as a year-round extension of the creative expression I had already found in gardening and the deep fascination that drew me to weekend botanizing. After taking part in Julianne Baker’s plein air garden watercolour workshop series in 2022, I continued a regular painting practice that took off as a passion the following year. My artwork is a collection of images from my home garden in Warkworth, from beautiful natural areas nearby such as Red Cloud Cemetery, and from travels in England and other places with spectacular gardens. I focus on the textures and structures of plant life, specific moments in a growing season, and the wood, metal and stone of special built places.

Any inquiries are welcome to my day job email: kat@kinchlitigation.com – when not painting, writing, gardening, or on a quest for wild plants, I am senior counsel at our litigation law firm in Campbellford, working in civil litigation, elder law and land/municipal law.