Sandra Lee Randle

Artist Statement

Photography is an emotional outlet for me; one that is constantly evolving as I discover who I am and how I fit into the universe. I feel connected to my surroundings when photographing landscapes and waterscapes, barns and farms, lighthouses, and other buildings and structures that are rich in history, as well as nature and wildlife. A common feel to much of my work is moody lighting and skies. Dramatic clouds add depth and emotion, especially in black and white. Abstract photography (aka ICM or Intentional Camera Movement) has gotten my attention recently and I’m looking forward to exploring this field of photography. With ICM photography, instead of photographing a specific subject, I feel I’m recording an emotion or mood where the viewer can fill in the details from their imagination, or it may spark a long-forgotten memory from their past.

Seeing my subject through a lens, in different lighting, from different angles and perspectives, and the challenge of capturing it with all the elements perfectly combined are what drives my passion.


Photography has been a long-held passion for me. When I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time doing photography and working in my darkroom, but life got in the way and I had to put it on the back burner for a number of years. In 2014, I purchased a DSLR and reignited my passion for photography. In 2015, I took early retirement from the printing industry, and a year later moved from Markham to Stirling, ON to start the next chapter of my life by doing the things I’ve always wanted to do: photography and travelling. My vision of capturing beautiful images has started to unfold with travels around Canada, the USA and France, allowing me to explore and find the perfect shot of my favourite subjects. Unfortunately Covid hit so I haven’t done much travelling since 2019 but I do spend a lot of my spare time exploring local areas, experimenting with abstract photography and participating in juried shows and exhibitions. I’m looking forward to travelling again in the near future.

Since reconnecting with photography, I have participated in almost two dozen regional shows and exhibitions, have been a finalist in over a dozen juried shows and had my images appear on the cover of three issues of Country Roads Magazine.


Tel. 905-472-5812 & 613-395-5396

More of my work can be found on the gallery pages of my website: