Lori Gillespie

Lori resides in Shiloh, a quaint rural area of Cramahe Township that hasn’t changed much in the past hundred years.

Being a wife, mother and grandmother, photography has always been very important in documenting her family and memories, but her creative side has emerged into more expressive personal projects.

She is an active member of Spirit of the Hills, Northumberland Photography Club and Quinte Photo Club and volunteers annually with the HELP-Portrait, a worldwide photographic event.

Although Lori enjoys traditional landscape, nature and family portraits, she is drawn to locations such as old cemeteries and abandoned buildings. These forgotten places somehow evoke the distant voices, laughter and tears of lives that once lived and loved.

Lori’s latest work introduces living subjects into the backdrop of these long forgotten locations. With the help of period clothing, makeup and a few props, Lori directs her subjects in an attempt to tell a story…a story that can be interpreted by the viewer in their own way

Lori hopes the echoes of the past may continue to inspire her to tell stories through her photography. She looks forward to a day when one of these images may grace the cover of a book and help others to imagine a past not so very distant from our own.

Lori Gillespie
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