Lynda Todd

  • Togetherness Sculpture by Lynda Todd

Todd began her artistic journey as an abstract fluid pour artist. She has now expanded to sculptured art to enhance the tactile touch to many of her pieces and expanded to creating tactile resin pieces. “I want to offer the opportunity for people to feel art”, states Todd.

Born visually impaired and colour-blind, Todd’s desire to explore and express creativity has resulted in unique colour choices melded with interesting use of texture.


Twitter: @LyndaToddartist
Instagram: lyndatoddartist
Facebook: Lynda Todd Artist



2021 Spirit of the Hills Art Association Fine Art Award Winner (Spirit of the Hills)
2021 Lifetime achievement Holnbeck Award

Publications & Videos

2022 Festival of Light & Dark 4th Line Theatre (YouTube feature)
2021 Front cover of 2022 Canadian Council of the Blind calendar (YouTube feature)
2021 Front cover of 2021 Occupational Therapy Now magazine
2020 White Cane magazine Artist Profile
2019 Accessible Media Inc. feature story on AMI This Week

For those who are visually impaired or blind it is near impossible to give an accurate description of a piece. Offering tactile pieces that people can touch and decipher brings joy to them and myself. I look forward to continuing this path and getting more creative with sculptured pieces