Terri Horricks

Artist Bio

Terri Horricks settled in the Quinte Region with her family in 1976 after regular moves across the country. As a youth, the changing Canadian landscape became what was familiar. Colouring, drawing and then painting became a natural progression through her life. Art, graphic design and business have gone hand-in-hand throughout Terri’s career history.

Artistic Statement

Artistically, I have shifted from experimentation and skill development to an internal exploration and expression of my relationship with the outside world through acrylics and mixed media. Nature, as a metaphor for life, is a prominent subject in my work. It’s like home base, where I am nurtured, replenished and can freely express in a meaningful way. So, it is here that I find myself today, back home, feeling my way through the underbrush in the hope of discovering beauty and the meaning in it all.