Tena Smits

Tena is a daughter of a large Dutch immigrant family; a middle child of 12 children. Even at a very young age of 5 she already showed clear signs of her gift of artistry. Her family came to Canada when she was 6 years of age. She is married to her husband Toby and has 4 grown children and 7 grandchildren. She has lived in the Cobourg area 40 years and loves it here. The past 15 years since the “empty nest” she and Toby have lived near the beautiful and tranquil Nawautin Sanctuary, south of Grafton Ontario. She has always loved camping and the beautiful scenery both locally and at our provincial parks. The awesome rock formations of the Canadian Shield, the forests, streams, waterfalls, lakes, local wildlife and floral fauna are what have inspired her to capture these views on canvas.

Tena works in and has sold both acrylic and oil on canvas and on barn board. She has done several pieces with the special effects of texturing to add the dimension of depth to her work. Tena was also recently commissioned to capture the highlights of the Nawautin Santuary in a painting that is currently in place near the entrance to the park.

In addition to her natural painting ability, she has also participated in several years of art courses, where she has learned to hone important details:* the influence of light, shading, scale and texture. Tena tirelessly strives to recreate the intricate splendor that God has created for us to enjoy. Her aim is that her paintings touch your soul and bring you peace and contentment.