Rosanne Dolan

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Rosanne has drawn and painted since she was a child, so it naturally followed that she should study art and work in one of its many related fields; she became a high school art teacher. Eventually, Rosanne left teaching to explore and further develop her own work in her main discipline of acrylic painting and mixed media. She studied in Ontario at the University of Windsor and York University in Toronto, achieving an Honours BA with a major in Fine Arts from York University. She continued her art studies as a part-time student at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto for several years thereafter. As a life-long learner, Rosanne maintains the development of her artistic practise through ongoing studies at The Haliburton School of the Arts and classes with Port Hope artist, Melanie Browne.

Rosanne’s extensive training in figure and still life has led her to delight in “pieces of things”, the macro-image in the natural and man-made world. She would like the viewer to experience the power of paint as colour marks and value contrasts that can be evocative, suggestive, subjective and/or imaginative. Colour is her muse and her work habitually uses colour for impact and playfulness. Along with colour, Rosanne embraces textures, those created by paint and brush and those that she applies directly to the canvas. She also enjoys exploring the image in its relationship to both the canvas surface and illusions of depth.

For Rosanne, the world of sight is open to her personal interpretive perception, and, although she treasures the identity of the image, she is not necessarily loyal to its details or environment. She would like viewers to “look again” beyond the first glance, to see what she has or has not done to an image and its surroundings that they think they know well. Her work can, therefore, offer a momentary time-out to “stop and see”.

Rosanne Dolan
Hastings, Ontario