Rita Naras

I am an artist living in Cobourg and working in graphite. I am inspired primarily by the most basic elements of nature such as rock and bark, and want my art to show the beauty and intricacies of all the cracks and hollows of objects that generally go un-noticed by the average passerby. A branch can become a complete landscape and one rock can be a whole planet.

In keeping with the theme of dealing with the basics, I’ve chosen one instrument and a limited palette – graphite in shades of grey. Like most artists, I have used paint and colour in the past, to express myself. But I have always been ‘drawn’ to the dramatic, graphic nature of black and white art, so I have returned to my roots, using only a pencil and board to create my art today.


Rita studied Fine Art at the University of Toronto and commercial art at George Brown College.

From the late 1980’s, she exhibited work at numerous venues in Toronto and environs.

Since moving to Cobourg in 2015, Rita has exhibited at local shows and won awards at the PineRidge Arts Council Juried Art Show and the Oshawa Art Association Juried Art Show at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

Contact information

e-mail: rnaras@cogeco.ca
Phone: 905-373-1514
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