MERKAT (Meredith Katie Hoogendam)

MERKAT (Meredith Katie Hoogendam) is a poet, writer, and interdisciplinary artist; other incarnations include educator and local community radio host and producer (currently, “Nightfall with MERKAT,” on Northumberland 89.7). She holds B.A.s in English, Communications and Education and an M.A. in English and Film Studies. Folklore, feminism, archetype and the natural world inform her work. Her writing and visual art appear in publications across the U.S. and Canada, including Room Magazine, Geez Magazine, Mutha and catapult, among others. Her play, Plan X, debuted at the 2019 Northumberland Festival of the Arts. Spring Thaw, her third collection of poetry, dropped spring 2022 from Glentula Press and Materials at Hand, her fourth collection of poetry, November 2022. Her work can be found in print at local independent bookstores.

.Photo of KERKAT (Meredith Katie Hoogendam)

Online, find her on Instagram @merkatart and on Linkedin at She is of the Great Lakes