Marie Kreamer

We’ve been living here in Cobourg since 2001 and we love it, it’s just so darn pretty.

Learning at an early age to use my hands has become second nature to me whether I’m painting or gardening. I like to use my photos I’ve taken on my travels around Northumberland area as well as our journeys away. It’s a good jumping off point for me be it a single tree, a complex landscape, a portrait or an abstract. It’s all good to me.

Always experimenting, always searching new ways and techniques while using different medias. I’ve taken 4 years of art courses at Durham College in the 90’s, as well as upgrading in other areas and I am just back to painting as of three years ago. Almost two years instruction with Lucy Manley and a seminar course with Dorothy Siemens. An Art exhibit at a local coffee house, and a permanent display at Soula’s Tea Garden in Cobourg. Please enjoy my art as well as any art you see along the way.