Margaret Hamilton

Artist Statement

Though not a professional, I am someone who has an intense passion for photography. I see and feel something in each photo I shoot. I want my photography to speak to one’s heart. I’m drawn to nature, landscapes, architecture and occasionally the quirky. From the veins in a leaf, to the vivid colours of flowers, to the growth patterns of trees, to the wonderment of the hummingbird, to graffiti on a wall each tells us we are alive. I love it when someone sees and feels what I saw or felt when I captured the photo. Validation comes when someone is willing to purchase one of my pieces. Most of my work, prior to July of 2011 was done with a Sony point and shoot camera. Late spring of 2011, I purchased my first DSLR camera. I’m now the owner of a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. I have a lot to learn from a technical aspect, but don’t want that fact to overshadow the spontaneity of seeing something that speaks to me and causes me to pick up my camera and taking the shot. I have a lot of people in the organizations I belong to willing to help me with the technical side, for which I’m so grateful. I am definitely a work in progress and get excited about the future.


I was born in Peterborough in 1947, left and returned in 2004. In this year 2017, I will have been married 50 years to a wonderful man and great partner. I have two daughters who both live in the USA with their families, and grandmother to three amazing grandchildren who constantly bring me joy. I am a member of Spirit of the Hills Arts Association, Northumberland Photo Club, and Peterborough Photographic Society.

My work has been shown in local restaurants, the Kawartha Tourism Centre, the Ganaraska Art and Framing Shop, the John M. Parrot Gallery, the Square Foot Show at the Port Hope Jazz Festival, Kawartha Artist Studio and Gallery, Warkworth Juried Art Shows, Fairhaven Home, Nelms Opticians, Trent Hills Library, and gift shops. In the fall of 2011, I held a two day personal studio tour at my home.

At the Long Lunch Juried Art show in 2010, one of my pieces placed second. I also received Best of Photography 2013 for the Maple Syrup Festival in Warkworth and participated in the First and Second SPARK Photo Festival as a solo exhibitor. In 2017, once again, I will have a solo exhibit at Elmhirst Resort in the Keene area.

For the year 2016, I acted as curator and featured many local photographers each month at Elements Restaurant in Peterborough.

Currently I’m Vice President of Peterborough Photographic Society and act as Chairperson for the Outreach Committee for the SPARK Photo Festival held in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

I believe in ‘paying it forward’ by helping family, friends and community when and where I can. Life is good!

Margaret Hamilton
1080 Serpent Mounds Rd.
Keene, Ontario. K0L 2G0
(705) 295-1518