Maddi Snowden

I was compelled to create for as long as I can remember. Over the years that drive has taken different forms and I have utilized a variety of mediums to create series of works – sculpture, printmaking, fibre, acrylic, watercolour, digital, poetry – I choose a medium suited to the series I’d like to make and then enjoy learning, experimenting, bending rules of working with the selected materials.

Most recently I’ve been drawn to natural subject matter, first by meticulously documenting the blooms in my garden using digital watercolour and then moving to expressive messy acrylic pieces that aim to capture the joy those blooms made me feel. For a time these acrylic pieces were also accompanied by a poem trying to describe the moment in the written word.

I also enjoy playing with whimsical illustrations for seasonal card series and doing portraits that bring out fur babies’ regal side.

I plan to continue creating and exploring at my soon to be completed Cherry Hill Studio in Grafton. If you’d like to find more of my work or connect my links are below: