Lorelyn Morgan

In high school, when forced to choose between art and music, I chose music … and music became, one way or another, my life’s work and my source of income until my move to Northumberland County in late 2011.

Over that 40-year span, I variously taught in the public school system, maintained a private voice studio, conducted choirs, led workshops, gave master classes, edited an opera magazine and enjoyed a successful performing career in Toronto and across the country.

Over the same years I also repeatedly returned to work in clay. It’s possible that clay offered an earthy and earthly balance to the ethereal and cerebral nature of music – or perhaps it’s just plain fun. It certainly provides an unending source of creative exploration, and a journey on which I seem compelled to continue.

Now working full-time as an artist, I am an active member of the Colborne Art Gallery collective, I participate in local shows and studio tours and I welcome visitors to my Lakeport studio. For more information about my work, please visit my website.