Judy Hopkins

Born in Montreal and raised in Toronto Judy spent close to forty years living in the heart of the city while teaching elementary school in North York. From a very early age, she gravitated towards the arts and still has some of her kindergarten paintings to prove it! Her mother used to go to the old Toronto Telegram to buy newsprint in bulk for her prodigious childhood art projects. She studied art throughout high school, a year of Fine Art at the University of Toronto and completed her Visual Arts Specialist at the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto.

But it wasn’t until she retired that she really began to paint, first in acrylics and then oils. She attended classes at the Gallery School of the AGO and quickly realized she needed more space than a city loft afforded. The search for a studio and a change of scenery eventually brought her and her husband to a country property in the Northumberland Hills near Baltimore two and a half years ago.

Since moving to the area she has met and painted with other artists through classes with Lucy Manley in Warkworth and Joanne Purdy in Grafton, Life Drawing at the Upstairs gallery in Port Hope, her affiliation with the Pine Ridge Art Association, the Cobourg Art Club and her membership in the Spirit of the Hills. She has spent the last couple of years “finding her style” and has explored a number of subjects. Streetscapes, landscapes, giant flowers, portraits and still life all have filled her canvases. Her work attempts to display a looseness and gestural approach to subject matter, a continuing and ever evolving process.

Judy has recently begun to show her work in the area and looks forward to many more such opportunities in the future. Judy is currently taking commissions including home and cottage portraits.

Contact Info

Judy Hopkins
3073 Meyers Road, RR 1 Baltimore, ON K0K 1C0
Phone: 905 373-0275 Cell: 905 396-1975