John Unruh

John Unruh with Captain Kirk


So that’s me in the photo (sorry, no, the other guy). I’m a Northumberland resident and writer concerned with the value of broken things and how communities come together to fix them. I’m also a a secretary in a K-8 school (and occasionally a very competent painting contractor). You can reach me at jtu@cogeco.ca or 905-373-8626.

Publishing credits

Woodsmoke: short story – a man says goodbye to his wife. Published in the Hill Spirits V anthology, 2022

Shae and the Imp: short story – a woman recounts her lifelong struggle with anxiety. Published in the Hill Spirits V anthology, 2022
I am Human: poem – a person lays it on the line. Published in Portraits 101, Spring 2022.

The Mime and the Girl: short story – a young woman is given an opportunity to reconnect with her tragic past. Published in the November 2021 issue of The Green Shoe Sanctuary.

Angelic: short story – four lost angels, struggling to survive on earth, are given an opportunity to return home. Published as a contest winner in the November 2004 issue of On Spec Magazine. Review available.

Works in Progress

Blind to Sea (YA novel: seeking publication)
Jared, a young settler with cerebral palsy, connects in a very unusual way with a young woman from Kanesatake First Nation when she arrives to reclaim a family heirloom.

The Ziggurat (YA novel: seeking publication)
Aaron is thrown into a daring adventure with his sister Triste to prevent the hostile takeover the world’s foremost environmental reclamation agency—the Ziggurat—and hopefully save an innocent friend from taking the blame. 79,500 words.

The Ziggurat: Skyview Down (YA novel: first draft complete)
Aaron’s second adventure begins on a research trawler in the Atlantic Grand Banks when a team of corporate mercenaries attack and force him to go on the run with student exchange partner Charlie, the Captain’s effervescent young daughter, to solve the mystery of Skyview Down.

The Eden Project (adult speculative novel: first draft substantially complete)
A circuit preacher, fallen from grace, reunites with two childhood friends during a murderous world-shattering event and becomes a reluctant messiah as they work to form a new community in the technological oasis of Eden Tower.