Joanne McMaster

My first recollection of having any artistic abilities was in grade one when Mrs.Widmeyer marched me to the principal’s office while I clutched my picture of a rabbit. I was terrified. I thought I was in trouble. They all looked at it and commented and I was ushered back into the classroom. Something was up! But by high school, this treasured gift was rather placed on the back shelf as an art teacher told the class that we shouldn’t pursue any kind of a career in art because it would not support us. So it became a little hobby for me whenever I remembered that I had this creative streak. But lately, it has been making a comeback! In 2013 I decided to take an art class in Brighton on Tuesday afternoons. I did not have a clue about Watercolour. I was pretty comfortable with pencil sketching – especially since you can erase that! I discovered a community of creators. They all had various levels of skill and they were all enjoying themselves! I was entranced with watercolour and I shared my art with family, friends and co-workers. I looked for more classes to take and found that each instructor had something else to share. I have discovered that there is a healthy collaborative community of creators who desire to learn more from the formally educated, from the casual artist and from one another. Just being together sparks creativity!

As I was re-discovering my hidden artist I was remembering that art had always been a part of my life, a part of my identity. As I honed my skills in watercolour painting, I came to view creation with a different perspective. Every view is a potential painting. Too perfect to reproduce perfectly but inspiring me and challenging me to put it on to paper! How much richer life has become because of this! It is also a very relaxing activity, while it is teaching me, challenging me and connecting me to others.

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