Jeffrey Weekes


Artist Bio

Jeffrey Weekes is a Toronto born artist whose achievements have spanned more than 2 decades.

A self-taught artist, he has explored the world of Surrealist oil paintings, landscapes, large scale paintings & murals, reproductions, illustrative works, mosaics and portraiture with completed commissions ranging in media from pen & ink, graphite & charcoal, coloured chalk pencil, oil, watercolour, acrylic, and woodwork & furniture design.

After the birth of his children he found employment in various skilled trades of residential home renovations making a living attempting his hand at any artistic trade that crossed his path including framing, general & custom finish carpentry, wood flooring, tiling, plaster and paint.

After years of independent exploration and personal practice in the arts, he made the necessary leap back into the classroom. He studied part-time for 5 years at The Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, learning the old masters tradition of classical oil painting. Working in this rigid studious environment has enriched his understanding of oil painting and elevated his rendering techniques to a new height.

The excitement of future endeavours is driving his passion to be in the studio and to keep creating. Whether it be a commissioned work or for personal enrichment, he’s always striving to stay atop his craft with aptitude, integrity, heart, and above all creativity.

Phone: 416-788-5233
Instagram: @jeffreyweekesfineart