Ian Davis

When I started on 35mm film as a teen in St. Catharines, I hadn’t realized that film photography, as an art form, requires patience, thought, and technical skill. But I was really impatient in those days, never taking the time to develop my craft. There was a huge disconnect between me and what was required. Subsequently, I stayed mostly in “snapshot mode”, rarely discovering the art and beauty in photography. But that’s not to say I stopped taking pictures.

When I was flying in northern Canada, I always traveled with two things; a fishing pole and my camera. I did manage to capture some really interesting shots . . . if only I could find my negatives. Many years later, I realized that I had a decent eye and my interest was drifting towards “serious” photography. Fortunately, technology—digital photography, YouTube “how to” videos, Facebook groups, a “drone”, and maturity—focused my growing interest. I eventually updated my camera gear and started a new business.

As I discover what subjects I most like to shoot, I’ve reacquainted myself with black and white photography. Its moodiness, the subject’s often obtuse nature, the almost real but not quite (because the world isn’t black and white) . . . that’s a real draw. But then again, I’m also very attracted to the “small”, bold colours, and landscapes that are almost painting-like.

Two years ago, working out of my home office in Campbellford, I started up Birds-i Digital Imagery Services. This was the direct link to finding pleasure and expression in photography. In the former, I take photos and videos for real estate and business. In the latter, I get to play and explore.

Contact Details

Personal Website: www.iandavisphotography.ca
Instagram: ian.on.the.trent
Birds-i Digital Imagery Services: www.birds-i.ca
For more information contact me at ian@iandavis.ca