Heather Stubbs

Art from the Heart

My passion is to create paintings that make people happy. In our current world, I think it’s important to focus on things that are uplifting, and full of hope and life.

Although my entire professional career was as a singer, actress, pianist and music educator, my real passion is painting. All that music, theatre and teaching was a placeholder until I could retire and spend my days playing with paint!

I began painting in 1995, taught by my late husband, John Stubbs. At the time, he was fascinated with Andrew Wyeth, and so I learned to paint realistically in egg tempera and dry-brush watercolour. Over the course of 20 years, I got very good at making realistic copies of photographs. Eventually, of course, that wasn’t enough. I wasn’t painting what was inside ME.

Thus began a number of years of taking courses, exploring and experimenting, now using acrylic paint. Some paintings were good, many not so good at all, but all that searching helped me to grow and expand as an artist. In 2020 I discovered the well-known English abstract painter Louise Fletcher, who offers two courses, Find Your Joy and Find Your Voice. At last I began to discover how to make paintings that are uniquely and authentically me.

I’m still exploring different styles, from realistic to abstract to mixed media, from portraits to florals to landscapes. I love it all! I spend my days in my little condo studio (formerly the dining room) having more fun than I’ve ever had in my life, and every stroke comes directly from my heart.


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