Geoffrey Lessard


Personal Information

Born in Kirkland Lake Ontario Geoffrey now co-resides in Toronto and the village of Warkworth. Geoffrey is a self directed artist that has been honing his craft in painting and multi-media art for over 20 Years, and is inspired by the places he has visited around the world. He has a passion for colour, urban and rural landscapes and getting up close to his subjects. He is always pushing the limits and discovering new paint effects and techniques that demonstrate light, reflections and textures.

The marriage of his art and his passion for travel creates a dynamic result ,allowing his viewers to daydream and escape to places they may not ever been.

Artist Statement

I have many passions in life but travel is at the top of the list. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to many remarkable places and my artwork is a reflection of these experiences. No matter how far I travel I am always looking at ways that I translate my experiences to canvas no matter if it is from the streets of New York city, Argentina , Shanghai , Australia and even in my own backyard.

The world is an incredible place and I always encourage everyone I meet to get out there and soak it up in any way they can. I hope that my paintings can act as an escape and draw people into a world where they wonder what is beyond the edges of the canvas, what are the smells and sounds of the bustling streets in place so far away.

Geoffrey Lessard
Geoffrey Lessard




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