Dave Vaughan


Dave Vaughan

Hailing from vibrant Irish roots, Dave’s childhood in the streets of London was a whirlwind of captivating tales, each more outlandish than the next. But his journey didn’t stop there. For most of his adult life Dave navigated the bustling transportation industry in the heart of Toronto, where he learned the rhythm of the urban jungle..

Now, Dave has chosen to embrace the serenity of Cobourg during his retirement years. With its treasure trove of community activities, he ventures on leisurely strolls, savors the aroma of local coffee shops, and finds his heart in the company of his beloved grandchildren.

Ballet of Deception by Dave Vaughan

Dave’s debut novel, Ballet of Deception, filled with suspense and a jaw-dropping conclusion, is now available locally at Let’s Talk Books and Furby House Books as well as Indigo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple iTunes, and Google Play.

Dave is now crafting his second book, Babe Lincoln’s Twisted Tale, which promises more unforgettable characters to dazzle your imagination when unveiled next year.