Clare Bonnell


Artist Bio

I came from England and settled in Ontario in 1985 with my Canadian husband, our daughter and son. I experienced an affinity with painting from an early age, winning a pencil at age 6 in a school competition, and continuing with art through high school, the Chelsea School of Art in London and workshops whenever possible during a 40 year career in international development. Living on the shore of Lake Ontario in recent years, I have opened myself up to working with less image reference and more the sense of the subject. The abstracted lake paintings are the result and are bringing me closer to my desire to express the endlessness of space that the water and sky inhabit.

In the past I painted a subject because I loved what I saw. It was a way of capturing the moment of seeing, the memory of that moment and place. There is a freedom in letting the colour, paint and shape create the image rather than the reference image leading the painting choices.

It is all a journey forward.

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