Carol Anne Bell-Smith


Artist Bio

Carol Anne Bell-SmithCarol Anne Bell-Smith began her artistic journey as the photo finish photographer at a local racetrack at 16. Her love of old lenses and new technology informs her own personal style of Impressionist Photography. A nurse, a minister and a 10 year member of Art De Triomphe, she has had many solo and group shows, most recently at the Art Gallery of Northumberland’s Juried Art Show. She has studied with many fine arts photographers, the most influential being Richard Martin and Eva Polak.

In the manner of the French Impressionists such as Monet, Renoir, Chagall, Impressionist Photography uses light, lines, colour, and technique to evoke emotion in the viewer. Impressionist Photography is a new type of fine arts photography that relies on Legacy Lenses, motion, selective defocus, multiple exposure and filters. The images you see are created largely in camera with no use of photoshop or Lightroom.

Instagram: @jazzycarolanne