Barbara Klatt

For more than twenty years Barbara Klatt has been transforming societies’ cast-offs into creations of beauty, wit and surprise.

Using found objects, rejected pieces, as well as natural materials, Barbara has fashioned an astounding assortment of art objects, sculptures, mirrors, picture frames, lanterns, books and other functional pieces.

It has always been Barbara’s aim to create useful items where the cost of input materials is virtually nil even though the price of “what was” may have been substantial. Barbara’s guiding philosophy is that, if something is well-made the first time, it deserves to have a second life, hopefully one of lasting value.

For many years, Barbara has been a leading artist with the Toronto Environmental Alliance, and has exhibited and sold her works at craft shows and environmentally-focussed galleries. Having recently moved to Trent Hills, re-habilitating a 70-acre farm has become the passion, with winter months leaving time for new endeavours in artistic creation.