Anja Hertle

mosaic artist, Grafton

I have been a maker of colourful stuff since birth. After a childhood in Germany, a background in Interior Design and working in acrylics, my love for mosaics was awakened and I have been hooked on this expressive medium for over twenty years.

Working with elements of other people’s lives in the form of broken china and pottery is very satisfying as I am giving them a second life and keeping loads of materials out of the landfill. I incorporate forks, buttons, bottle caps, type writer keys and other found objects, which make me a border line hoarder, but also an environmentally engaged artist.

I particularly enjoy creating artwork that evokes a special memory like a client’s home, farm or cottage and incorporating some of their family’s china. I love the interpretation of “Home”, houses of any shape and size and the beauty of nature.

Commissions are always welcome.
Workshops on this wonderful art form are held on a regular basis.

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