About Our Member Profile Pages


What they are

All paid up members of Spirit of the Hills are entitled to their own Spirit Profile page where they can showcase their work online. Your profile consists of either your photo and/or photos of your work. Your biography and/or artist statement may also be included. Profiles speak to the type of work you do, e.g. visual artists, photographer, writer. Whatever you want to include can usually be accommodated. Links to other websites showing your work are encouraged.

Why you should have one?

Having a Spirit Member Profile page serves not only to promote you, but also your fellow Spirit members and the organization as a whole.

How does this help?

Most people arrive at this website by following a link or by doing some sort of search. After people arrive on the page they were looking for, they tend to browse around the rest of the site to see what else they can find. We see this behaviour by using web analytics to track movement on the site. Many people arrive through member profile pages.

Local media wants to know too

This info is also super useful when we are contacting local media outlets. They often ask for member backgrounds and contact information. To comply, we direct media enquiries to our web site and the member profile pages they are most interested in.

Bottom line

Your posted profile helps us put you in the spotlight and give us all greater exposure.

How do I get one?

If you are a member in good standing who does not yet have a profile posted to our web site, here’s what you need to do:

  • Send up to 12 photos of your work plus a description of yourself and your work to our webmaster John Charlton at: webmaster@spiritofthehills.org
  • Each photo should be no less than 800 pixels tall. If you are unsure how to re-size your images, no problem; just send what you have to John and he will re-size them for you.
  • Please specify the one category (Artists, Artisans, Performing Arts, Photographers, or Writers) where you would like to be listed.
  • It usually takes one to two business days to get your profile posted. You will have the opportunity to ask for changes, and you can update your profile at any time in the future by contacting John at webmaster@spiritofthehills.org.