W.D. McKay


Searching the universe for signs of intelligent life, world-renowned astrobiologist David Mace is about to realize his dream. But not even Mace could have predicted the magnitude of the changes descending upon the Earth. It’s not until he teams up with Bobbi- Lynne Allen that he discovers the unimaginable truth.


Book Two continues the riveting story of Bobbi- Lynne Allen, now a coming-of-age young woman with extraordinary powers, determined to scour the universe and find her abducted sister — only to learn the existence of all life, and the universe itself, is facing utter annihilation.


The stunning conclusion of the Lanark trilogy finds Bobbi desperate to unravel the vague clues left by Maggluk to protect Tawni. With time running out, Bobbi is faced with an impossible choice: destroy the murderous alien Shazira before she annihilates the universe, or save her sister without sacrificing those she holds most dear.

The Lanark Chronicles by Canadian Sci-fi author W.D. McKay

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Reviews for The Last

“Expertly plotted & crafted, McKay’s first novel is engrossing & compelling.”
– Jane Jacobs, Porter Square Books, Boston

“… a spectacular science fiction adventure.”
– Tub Chair Times

“The Last stays true to the sci-fi genre. The characters are well developed, especially David Mace. His struggles are authentic enough to resonate well with readers. The novel is well written, and readers of sci-fi and adventure fiction will adore it.”
– Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-published Book Awards.

Reviews for Ghost God

“The second instalment of The Lanark Chronicles is even better than the first! The adventure continues. Read this series.”
– Jane Jacobs, Porter Square Books, Boston

“It will keep reading deep into the night.”
– Tub Chair Times

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About W.D. McKay

WD McKayWilliam Donald McKay was born and raised in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. Don moved to Belleville in the summer of 1989.

In the early years, before digital photography, and thanks to training at Kodak, he became skilled at retouching colour film negatives by hand, offering his services to local photographers, retouching everything from graduation and wedding photos, to baby pictures. Hand retouching is pretty much a lost art nowadays, but at the time you could turn a pimply faced teenager into one with a flawless complexion. The justification being ‘zits’ are only temporary anyway.

A natural off-shoot of this was running his own wedding photography business for a number of years. Don has also had several cover photos and articles published in nationally distributed magazines.

Having always been a writer, he recently decided it’s time to publish. His creative focus now is writing science fiction novels, and has currently completed a trilogy titled The Lanark Chronicles.

In the Spring of 2013, the first book in the series, The Last, was released to very positive reviews. The second book, Ghost God, was released in the winter of 2013. And the final book in the trilogy, Heaven’s Wrath, hit the shelves in the Spring of 2014.

Don is now working on his fourth novel, The Mad Woman of Tower Hill, a murderous adventure seasoned with the supernatural.

He and his wife currently reside in the village of Foxboro, Ontario and enjoy regular visits from their children Christopher, Melissa, and Steven.

Please feel free to visit the website www.lanarkchronicles.ca or contact by email at mckay100@hotmail.com.

My Favourite Quote

We are under a big sky. That big sky is wild mind. Go into that sky and put a single black dot in the middle of it. See that dot? That dot is what Zen calls monkey mind or what western psychology calls part of conscious mind.

We give all our attention to that one dot. When it says we can’t write, that we’re no good, are failures for even picking up a pen, we listen to it. This is monkey mind. This is how we drift.

We listen and get tossed away. We put all our attention on that one dot.

So our job as writers is not to diddle around our whole lives in the dot but to take one big step out of it and sink into the big sky and write from there. Let everything run through you and grab as much as you can with a pen and paper. Let yourself live in something that is already rightfully yours – your own wild mind.

Learn to be comfortable there, rather than constantly grabbing a tidbit from wild mind and shoving it into the conscious mind, thereby trying to get control of it. Sit down in the middle of your wild mind.

This is all about a loss of control. Can you do this? Lose control and let wild mind take over? It is the best way to write.

– Natalie Goldberg