Robert Ferguson – Photographer

Robert was born in Lindsay and was raised on a family farm at Wick in Brock Township. Since his early childhood, he has been fascinated by nature and its unparalleled beauty. Robert’s passion for the natural world led him to university, where he obtained a post-graduate degree in wildlife ecology. Following graduation, he worked as a Wildlife Biologist in both the public and private sectors, mainly in British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. He returned to his native Ontario in 2010 for his retirement years.

Robert spends countless hours in the fields and forests of Northumberland and Hastings counties. He likes to photograph a wide variety of subjects, from landscapes to songbirds to insects. Recently, he developed a passion for photographing dragonflies, and published a photographic article in Country Roads, depicting the colourful diversity of the dragonflies of Hastings County.

In 2016, Robert published a second photographic article in Country Roads, documenting the remarkable recovery of the Trumpeter Swan, a species that had been absent from Ontario for almost a full century.

For Robert, photography goes hand in hand with nature exploration: “The camera is an extension of my visual acuity – it is like having a sixth sense. Photographic images reveal incredible details in colour and pattern that our own eyes often fail to capture. In simple terms, however, photographing the quiet beauty of nature is pure enjoyment. That is all the motivation I need.”

Contact Details

Phone: 705-868-8849