Rob Cochrane

Whispering Pines Studio 12582 2nd Line, RR # 1 Roseneath, ON K0K 2X0 In the summer of 2001 my wife and I started to build our new home in the country to escape the ever encroaching town of Cobourg. We moved into this new home in Alnwick Township in December of 2001, and named our 200 acre property Whispering Pines. My interest in carving began about 15 years ago. I began by carving working style wooden duck decoys when my wife grew tired of me buying carved decoys from friends who carved. Carving my own birds gradually led me to a group of carvers in Cobourg, with whom I have been gratefully associated with since about 1994. This group has been one of the main reasons I have continued to carve duck decoys and to occasionally compete with them. They and my wife were very encouraging when I decided to spread my “carving wings” and began to experiment with other mediums. I have been carving deer and moose antlers since early 2000. This change from working with wood has been a great challenge, but has turned out to be very rewarding. I entered a few pieces into carving competitions in 2001 and 2002 and received several first place ribbons. This encouragement has fueled my passion to create new pieces from something I have always had a fascination with – antlers. I have been told that what I am doing is the ultimate in recycling of a natural product, and if a person looks hard enough, and in the right places, the supply is limitless. There are new treasures to be found each and every year when moose, deer and caribou shed their crowns in the cold of winter and begin the antler regrowth cycle again in the spring. I will continue carving cedar working decoys for a few annual competitions and my personal use in the marsh, but the vast majority of my time will be spent with the “Antlers to Art” creations. You can now visit Antlers to Art on the web at I can be reached at 705-924-3763; by fax at 705-924-3764; or by e-mail at: I can also be reached at home, by chance or appointment.