Paivikki (Paivi) Marshall

Born in Seinajoki, Finland, Paivi had a keen interest for drawing from an early age. She received a diploma in Graphic Design in the mid 1980’s and since then has worked in a variety of mediums such as pen and ink, pencil, water colour and pastel. Currently her medium of choice is oil. It has given her the freedom to experiment with a looser style, more vibrant colours and varied textures. She is often found exploring the countryside of Northumberland with her camera, searching for new subject matter. There is so much beauty in nature as each season presents a new picture. Among her favorite subjects are trees, rivers and lakes as well as old barns, fences and century homes. “It is so rewarding when you can capture the light”. Paivi is a member of the Spirit of the Hills, Brighton Arts Council, as well as the East Central Ontario Art Association. 905-355-1615