Melanie E. Horner

Melanie has been playing with clay since childhood, when at age 5 she wrote to Santa Claus asking for a potters’ wheel! Her passion for working on a wheel developed at age 12 whilst at school. Although she decided to pursue a career in nursing, her interest in pottery never waned. Wherever Melanie has lived, she has always found her way back to clay. She has attended various courses over the years to develop her skills in throwing, decoration techniques and raku.

After moving to Canada from the UK in 2011, Firing Time was established in 2012 when Melanie decided to pursue her passion for pottery full time. Her emphasis is on creating personalised pottery, particularly clocks for children, weddings, christenings, businesses and fun-loving adults. She also loves to give a personality to the yarn bowls she makes and each one is unique. The use of underglazes allows for a large range of bright colours and different techniques which Melanie likes to experiment with. The possibilities with constructing a piece in clay and the decoration techniques are endless and this is something that continually challenges her.

Melanie loves to teach pottery and hopes to inspire others to explore their creativity using this ancient craft. Her motto is ‘pottery for age 5-95 years’. She teaches in schools, community groups, retirement homes and runs 8 week courses both on the potter’s wheel and hand building in her studio in Cobourg.

Melanie is a member of Northumberland Potters Association and Kawartha Potters Guild.

Her work can be found in Sidestreet Gallery, Main St, Wellington and Kawartha Potters Guild, Talwood Dr, Peterborough. She also displays her work as a pop-up shop on King St, Cobourg.

She has participated in the Northumberland Hills Studio Tour several times.