Lynn Cragg – Artist


Lynn is essentially a self-taught artist. She completed a one year Design Arts College Course and has taken many workshops and studies to improve her craft. Lynn took up her paint brushes again in 2004 after a twenty year hiatus.

She grew up in Ontario farm country where she was able to work around and with farm animals. She was passionate about horses and was lucky enough to own and ride her own horses as a child and for years after.

From an early age she loved to paint. Although her subject matter varies, her favorite pictures are those that portray animals and she especially enjoys painting horses. Animals and birds with their endless expressions, action poses and antics provide a never ending source of inspiration for her.

“It is extremely gratifying to paint the effects of lights and darks on silky coats or feathers and to create life and vibrancy with vivid colours. My goal is to tell a story by using movement and spontaneity to capture the character of a particular animal. Creating art is a continuous learning experience and a wonderful challenge.”

Lynn mainly paints in oil and acrylic for her large pieces and uses ink and watercolour for her smalls but also enjoys using a variety of other mediums.

Lynn lives in the country with her husband just outside of Baltimore, Ontario.

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