Loretta Kaltenhauser
Studio/Home tel: 905-377-0287

Artist Statement

Art is my obsession, my addiction, my blazing star. I express my visions in a spontaneous, direct, and raw fashion, unfiltered by any prescribed canon of what art should be or how it must look. Creatively I strive to bridge the balance between the intellect’s demand for structure and the heart’s craving for free-thinking and pushing the envelope.

The textural component of my work is pivotal; for once you start searching for patterns, you begin to see them everywhere and in everything. Colours, shapes and objects take on an energy of their own and each subsequent layer of paint and texture I add, scrape away, and manipulate, reinterprets my thoughts and emotions.

I work with the passion that my motifs, their essence, will provoke, inflame or simply stimulate the mind’s eye of the observer.