Dianne E. Arsenault

Going Home by Diane E. Arsenault

Going Home by Diane E. Arsenault


Born in Montreal, Diane started drawing at an early age. Favorite subjects included trees, plants, flowers, and family portraits. While taking a business degree at Loyola College, she pursued art classes at university and private lessons with Montreal artists. Diane moved to Ontario in 1977 to complete an MBA at Western, and settled in Toronto in 1979. After more than 25 years, of living in the city, Diane and her husband, Gwyer Moore, settled in the Northumberland Hills, just north of Grafton, in 2005.

After a business career in banking and retailing, Diane became an active volunteer with the Toronto French School and the Ontario Master Gardeners. Her love of the fine arts drove her back to art school at the age of 50, where she attended the Toronto School of Art as a full time student for 2 years. Workshops, art classes and regular discussions about art, artists, materials, etc., contribute to Diane’s continuing education.

Diane spends as much time as possible playing in her studio and discovering her own voice. Her current medium is oil painting on canvas and paper. Her current muse is the landscape of Northumberland in winter clothing. After more than three years, she has accumulated thousands of photographs covering all of the colours of winter, which form the basis for her process driven art making.