Christopher Thorpe

About My “Crow Series”

My current work is a combination of acrylic (the crows) painted over merged photographs (creating multiple vanishing points), giclee printed on archival canvas in shadow frames.

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Christopher J. Thorpe was born in Northumberland County, England and now has a studio and residence just outside Warkworth. His creativity has evolved through several successes in the innovative design world ranging from performance sailboats to energy efficient housing, from architectural products to revitalized downtowns.

While Christopher’s artwork in the past has largely been sculptural, his current work (combining painting and multi vanishing point photography) draws on his inventiveness, an education at NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design), and a fascination for crows – mischievous wise-guys – in our magical local landscapes.

His work may be seen at Eclectic Mix, on Main Street, Warkworth or by contacting