Catherine “Cathy” Joyce


Artist Statement

There is a magical visual beauty in the motion of colour. Paint has a mind of its own. Artists experience this frustrating fact about the medium all too often. Sometimes it’s hard to blend; sometimes it decides to dry into a different colour. It’s a sneaky element of the artistic process. I specialize in a technique called acrylic pour; my artwork is all about the unpredictable path my paints take. I think it is fun and a different way of engaging with paint and art. Artists never know what’s going to come out of the process because there is always an element of surprise in how the paint, medium and canvas will react together.

The idea is to think outside the box and come up with new or inventive ways to manipulate the acrylic paint on the canvas. Some techniques include tilting the canvas in multiple directions, spinning the canvas or pulling chains through the poured paint. I use tools such as palette knives to swipe over the paint, creating dynamic shapes and unusual new colours. 

It may sound easy but the technique can be tricky to master. There is a little bit of control where I can create some images. I do not use a paint brush at all. Unlike traditional painting, the blending of colours occurs on the canvas, leaving little room to perfect or manipulate colour before it is laid down. A pouring medium helps slow the drying process, which then allows me to move and shape the paints until they achieve my desired look.

It is an adventure, an exploration of colour and texture. The expectations of creating a perfectly specific work are gone. Each acrylic pour is truly one of a kind.


Cathy and her husband Keith retired to Brighton 7 years ago, to be closer to family. She explores painting techniques in acrylic, alcohol ink and watercolour. She is a member of the Brighton Visual Art Cooperative (BVA) and the Spirit of the Hills Art Association.