Photo by Donna Wooton

On the porch in the shade visiting
sitting on a wicker chair
a cyclist passes
black spandex shorts
yellow top

Never again will I click my feet into cleats!

Hostess agrees.
she, too, broke her ankle recently
hence the visit to commiserate
broke mine in 2017

We share recovery details

Isn’t it fortunate her break happened
at the start of COVID-19?
motivated to stay home she had help,
a sister visiting,
a son working from home

Always good can be found in everything.

We went to the same clinic out-of-town
It was open during the emergency closure

Both in an air cast can walk but she had surgery
mine was a clean break bone mended
muscles atrophied

Breeze cools… don’t stay long
her ankle swelling… give her a rest

We’ll meet again.

Walk home along the shaded sidewalk
look what I see…
a red canoe
a yellow kayak
a wraparound porch
a corner garden
purple clematis
someone walking a dog skinny legs on pet and owner
Don’t break a leg!

Two women laughing
another porch visit
this is the town for them
beautiful porches built a century ago
before air conditioning

So much nicer to be outside than shut-up indoors.

Photo by Donna Wooton

This post originally appeared on Festival of the Arts, edited by Kim Aubrey and Felicity Sidnell Reid.

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