Northumberland Hills Hospital Exhibit

Call for Painters and Photographers – Winter/Spring 2019-20

What? – A SOTH Biannual Rotation of Art at the Northumberland Hills Hospital in Cobourg.

Submission deadline: Friday, November 8, 2019

Exhibit Duration: Wed, November 27, 2019 to Wed, May 27, 2020

The Northumberland Hills Hospital has graciously offered free exhibit space to Spirit of the Hills painters and photographers.

The exhibit would be bi-annual. However, if so desired, participating painters and photographers may refresh their work more frequently, e.g. every 8 weeks or so during the 6 month long exhibit.

The hospital provides a hanging system for our use. However, the system does limit the number of works on display to a maximum of 14, and it is not possible to stack works one above the other. Accordingly size of participating art work will be taken into account during the selection process.

Participation criteria:
1. Ideally, between 7 and 14 painters or photographers will be represented in the exhibit. Each painter or photographer would submit a maximum of 2 framed photographs (or gallery wrapped canvas), or 2 framed paintings (or gallery wrapped canvas).

2. Space is alloted on a first come basis provided the following criteria have been met.

3. Selection: please submit a digital JPG image of the framed painting or framed photograph you would like to display. See below.

4. Work must be original, complete, dry, appropriately framed or gallery wrapped canvases and suitably wired to hang.

5. Size: there is a minimum size requirement given the hanging system restrictions and limitations. Minimum framed width is 21 inches. Height can vary. E.g. 21 inches wide x 43 inches high. Or 21 inches wide x 24 inches high. Larger paintings and photographs will be given priority selection.

6. Insurance: each painter or photographer is responsible for insuring his/her own work.

7. Commission: if a painting or photograph sells, the painter or photographer agrees to pay a 10% commission to the Northumberland Hills Hospital and a 15% commission to Spirit of the Hills.

8. Should a painter or photographer sell their work during the 6 month period, then the work should be replaced promptly. Replacement would have to be of a similar width as the exhibit could not be rehung to accommodate a replacement.

9. All work needs to be dropped off at 10:00 am on Wednesday, November 27, 2019.

10. Artist’s Agreement: Please read the Agreement between Artist and Spirit of the Hills below. Note: You must confirm that you have read and accept the Artist’s Agreement before you can submit this form.

Click Here to read Artist Agreement

Agreement Between Spirit of the Hills and Exhibiting Artist/Photographer

This Agreement is between Spirit of the Hills and the exhibiting artist (hereafter referred to as the “Artist”), whose work Spirit of the Hills has arranged to exhibit at the venue(s) selected on the Registration Form(s).

This Agreement commences with delivery of the work to the venue. The Artist agrees to deliver to Spirit of the Hills the items described on the accompanying Registration Form in a condition suitable for exhibition. In some locations, it may be the responsibility of Artist working in 3-D to provide display units for his or her work.

The Artist agrees to pick up his or her unsold works at the end of the exhibition. Please notify exhibition organizers if someone else will be picking up your work.

Both parties agree that the work will be offered for sale (unless indicated as Not for Sale) at the price stipulated by the Artist. Both parties agree that upon the sale of the work Spirit of the Hills, or other specified agent, will receive the stated commission on the sale price (before taxes) of each item sold. Commission for each event is stated in the Rules of Entry document. Payment will be remitted to the Artist as soon as possible after the end of the exhibition by Spirit of the Hills or other specified agent.

Both parties agree that neither Spirit of the Hills nor the display site will be held responsible for theft, damage, or any loss of value while the items are in their possession.

The Artist’s submission of the signed Registration Form will constitute acceptance of these terms.

Registration Form

You may submit just a maximum of 2 framed photographs (or gallery wrapped canvas), or 2 framed paintings (or gallery wrapped canvas) provided each has a minimum width of 21 inches. Please note: Artwork is curated for a cohesive exhibit.

Submission 1
Accepted files Types: gif/png/jpg/jpeg. File Size Limit 2 Mb

Example: View from Here, Photograph, 24 x 22, $200

Submission 2
Accepted files Types: gif/png/jpg/jpeg. File Size Limit 2 Mb

Example: View from Here, Photograph, 24 x 22, $200
All 3 items below must be checked:



Please allow time for your image(s) to upload.