The Pandemic and lockdown brought life to a halt for much of the world. For me, the last four months have been built around change and new life. For sure, opportunities for speaking and selling my books totally dried up. Since that has always been my primary market, I just took a deep breath and shelved that part of my life. The space remained empty for four weeks. April 6th our first great grandson arrived one month early. Since his parents live with us, he joined our bubble. New life in the midst of Covid 19. We are truly blessed. I have cuddled and rocked and sang, while our beautiful baby Riley slept like an angel. Now he plays and smiles and laughs. It won’t be long before he crawls and our lives will change yet again.

Using mostly early morning time, I’ve worked on two writing projects. Writing and rewriting my children’s picture book story, Rajah Becomes a True King, filled my early morning hours for two months. At this point Rajah has been professionally edited by Jennifer Rees. Illustrator Malabika Saikia is now creating the pictures. Publication date is planned for November 10th.

Thanks to Covid 19 I may give birth to twins. Not human babies but my book babies. I’ve been writing monologues reflections on scripture stories for the last five years. Two weeks ago, I sent them off to professional editor Ruth Walker. The collection will be called Celebration Stories. Publication date is planned for November 10th. Obviously, this set of twins are fraternal.

As things open up I’m discovering that my life is picking up speed. I’ll need to plan a virtual book launch and blog tour. Both are brand new experiences for me. I am truly grateful that my life is full.

This post originally appeared on Festival of the Arts, edited by Kim Aubrey and Felicity Sidnell Reid.

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